48 Gifts for Guys Who Love Cooking

48 Gifts for Guys Who Love Cooking

If you know a guy who loves food, cocktails, wine or just cooking in general, your life is pretty easy when it comes to buying him a gift. In fact it's so easy, you might not even need a buying guide like this at all. Gifting for someone with this interest is so simple because there are so many unique and special options that we usually don't buy for ourselves.

Cooking is a universal and necessary activity, so most of the products that do the job are fairly ordinary, mundane and utilitarian. When in the store buying for yourself, sure—your eye might be drawn to a more beautiful, elegant or full-featured product. But then you see there's cheaper option right there. It's fine. It gets the job done. Why spend the extra money? Reason prevails.

That moment when we make the rational, practical choice is, of course, a very good thing. Where would we be if we didn't think about the future, if we indulged in every whim and fancy? But that tendency to rational decision-making creates an opportunity for an eagle-eyed loved one to indulge on your behalf.

In this buying guide, you will find 48 special things for the kitchen, pantry, table or bar. Some are cheap. A few are expensive. But they're all the kind of thing that the man you're buying for isn't buying for himself. A sampler pack of olive oil that he always wanted to try, but never did. A coffee maker that he thought looked great, but he made a more practical choice. A little extra delight in his life that he turned down because he said to himself, “Do I really need this?”

That's where you come in, dear reader…

17 Gifts under $50

Sphere Ice Molds, Set of 2 by Tovolo
A spherical ice "cube" is sure to impress your guests, but a big chunk of ice in your glass also melts slower than small pieces, leading to less watery drinks.
Water Bottle 500ml by Kinto
Kinto water bottles are a simple, elegant and beautiful way of storing your necessary hydration throughout the day. These bottles are crack and scratch resistant and come in clear, smoke and amber.
Night Reeds Dishcloth Set by Geometry
Save the classic kitchen sponge for the dishes, and wipe down your counters with these attractive dishcloths from Geometry. They're hyperabsorbent, fast-drying and the large surface area makes clean up faster.
Dehydrated Lime Slices by Cocktail 2
Dehydrated citrus slices aren't a substitute for the brightness and bitterness of fresh fruit juice and peel in a cocktail. They do have other advantages: they look amazing as a garnish, they're presliced and they last forever.
Original Swiss Peeler 3-Pack by Kuhn Rikon
A humble vegetable peeler in a gift buying guide? OK but hear me out, these will change your life. They are lightweight, ergonomic and stay sharp in a way that beats peelers several times more expensive.
Bellemain Cast Iron Grill Press
A heavy cast iron grill press has many uses in the kitchen. Flatter, more evenly cooked bacon. Paninis. Smashburgers. The width of this model keeps your hands relatively unsplattered.
Victoria 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press
Nothing beats homemade tortillas, but it's really hard to get them thin enough with DIY solutions. A custom tortilla press does the job like nothing else.
Xiao Chi Jie Crafted Sauce Trio
Three classic sauces from Seattle food startup XCJ: Ginger and Scallion Umami, Classic Black Vinegar, and Spicy Chili Crisp.
OXO Brew Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Paired with a good coffee grinder, a cold brew coffee maker is one of the simplest ways of getting the most out of your coffee beans.
Venus 4-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker by Bialetti
We're told that virtually every Italian household has a Bialetti stovetop espresso maker. It's one of the easiest and cheapest ways of making great coffee at home.
Tequila Mixer Trio by Morris Kitchen
Citrus Agave, Grapefruit Honey, and Pineapple Lime mixers from Morris Kitchen. A simple way to liven up your margarita game.
Adrift Distilled Non-Alcoholic Botanical Spirit by Pentire
A refreshing, non-alcoholic gin crafted with botanical flavors from unique plants of Cornwall, England.
Oliver Pluff & Co. Wassail Gift Set
Wassail is a type of mulled cider, ale or wine infused with citrus and spices that's traditionally consumed as part of a traditional English Christmas ritual intented to ensure a good harvest. Ensure a good harvest of your own with these spice blends.
Hay Colour Chopsticks
Take your Asian cooking practice to the next level with these unique, colorful chopsticks. Or elevate your take out game?
Icelandic Salt Gift Box - Pure, Birch, Arctic, Lava by Saltverk
Finishing salts are designed to be sprinkled on food immediately before eating it, and they really do add a unique flavor that sets it apart from regular table salt. Give these four a try.
Six Cup Classic Coffee Brewer by Chemex
There's something charming and utilitarian about Chemex's classic coffee brewer, with its wooden collar that protects your hand from the glass heated by hot coffee.

10 Gifts from $50 to $100

Fish Bottle by Serax
What could be more delightful than pouring water from a herring's mouth into a waiting glass? This is the way that water is meant to be drunk.
Amaricano by Fast Penny Spirits
Amari are a fantastic low-alcohol addition to your cocktail experience. Fast Penny Spirit's Amaricano truly deserves it's San Francisco International Spirits Gold Medal.
Ripple Champagne Saucers Set of 2 by Ferm Living
Coupe glasses are the way that champagne and many cocktails are meant to be drunk. The Ripple saucers from Ferm Living are an elegant addition to your barware.
Dry Gin by AMASS
Citrusy, herbaceous, and filled with botanicals indigenous to California. A black bottle with a nautical vibe that hints at gin's history on the waves.
New Essentials Kit by Acid League
This is a set of condiments that puts Acid League's best in a single package: a grassy Spanish extra virgin olive oil; a citrus vinegar; a spicy saffron sauce; and a garlic and onion blend.
Masala Renaissance by Diaspora Co.
Legitimate Indian spices are hard to come by in US supermarkets. Usually we must make do with dusty remnants of the supply chain. But not anymore.
Fein Salad Servers by Ferm Living
Insert these symbols of elegance and simplicity directly into large bowl of leafy greens. Hoist them on to your plate with dignity and care.
The Pantry Set by Pineapple Collaborative
Get every product from the Pineapple Collaborative in one convenient sampler pack.
Glass French Press by Yield
This glass French press comes in several colorways. The cobalt blue paired with the copper pull is a striking combination.
Artisan Citrus Juicer by Verve Culture
Handmade from recycled aluminium, this citrus juicer is inspired by market sellers in Mexico. It will make short work of any citrus you have in your kitchen.
Bottle Grinder, 2 Piece by Norm Architects
This minimalist salt and pepper grinder duo combines plastic and wood materials to create a unique aesthetic for this utilitarian mainstay of your table.

10 gifts from $100 to $200

MEATER Plus and Mitts
Embed this wireless thermometer before you put your meat in the oven, smoker or grill. Then walk away—up to 165 feet. You'll never disappoint your guests with overcooked meat again.
The Essential Capsule by Brightland
Sample Brightland's wares with this 4-pack of their essential oils and vinegars: two different extra virgin olive oils, a champagne vinegar and a balsamic vinegar. Combine them to make four unique salad dressings.
Industry Full Apron by Hardmill
This canvas apron comes in four colors, and the industrial aesthetic lets everyone know things in the kitchen are getting serious!
Mug2 by Ember
A smart mug from Ember keeps your morning coffee or tea at exactly the right temperature for over an hour. It's perfect for keeping your morning WFH or office routine a little less routine.
Immersion Blender by Vitamix
Puree a soup directly in the pot. Make yourself a single serving smoothie. Instantly whip up a batch of homemade mayonnaise or hollandaise sauce.
The Smoking Gun Pro by PolyScience
A smoking gun is a really special gift for anyone who loves a smokey flavor in food or cocktails.
The Trio of Knives by Material
Let's be honest, a matching trio of knives just feels good. Pull them out when you're getting ready to cook and you feel ready.
Corvo EKG Electric Kettle by Fellow
We all need the basics like a tea kettle on our kitchen counter. But thanks to Fellow, your basics don't have to feel basic.
Dutch Oven by Misen
This dutch oven from Misen comes in a few unique colors to liven up your kitchen. It also has a unique grill lid that can be used as a regular cast iron pan.
Baker's Dozen Wood Spoons by Sir Madam
In this collection of 13 beechwood spoons from Sir Madam, no two are the same, but they all look great together.

10 gifts over $200

The Smart Grinder Pro by Breville
Without question, a dedicated coffee grinder is the first thing you can do to dramatically improve your coffee game.
2-Slice Toaster by SMEG
That retro 50s vibe—but elegant, not kitchy. Who can say that this doesn't belong on your breakfast table?
Food Storage Set by Caraway
Caraway gets food storage right with this matching collection of containers, including the tiny ones for those sauces you just don't want to throw out.
Carbonator 3 Starter Kit by Aarke
Carbonate anything with the Carbonator 3 from the Swedish company Aarke. It comes in an impressive selection of finishes, including matte black and gold.
The Toaster by Balmuda
A warm slice of fresh bread is one of life's great delights, but hard to come by if you aren't baking it at home. But you can get a little closer with these dedicated toaster oven from Balmuda.
Digital XXL Airfryer by Phillips
Another example in the theme of a basic, utilitarian kitchen staple taken to another level.
Koda 12 by Ooni
To be honest, even the best homemade pizza from a standard kitchen oven falls a little flat. You need something like this to generate the heat for truly great pizza .
The HydroPro Immersion Circulator by PolyScience
A heavy-duty programmable sous vide that lets you dial in the exact time and temperature based on the dimensions and weight of what you're cooking.
TK-01 by Terra Kaffe
This is really a gorgeous little machine that completely automates that process of making espresso drinks at a very reasonable price compared to other super automatic espresso makers.