Elevate your Commute with a D.S. & Durga Car Fragrance

D.S. & Durga's Portable Fireplace car fragrance hanging from a car's rear view mirror

We all know and love the classic “pine”-scented cardboard tree that hangs from your car's rear view mirror and emits a synthetic odor of dubious repute. Or do we? Niche fragrance houses have lately decided that the humble car air freshener could use some freshening up, and it's a fascinating idea. Imagine opening your car door, readying yourself for the daily commute, only to have your spirits lifted by a refined and elegant scent that invites you to steal away a moment of pleasure within an otherwise dreary routine.

How could we refuse? Surely we have no choice but to proceed with urgency to the fragrance counter with credit card in hand and lofted overhead. To aid in your mission, here's a product line which will redress this omission.

Take our aromatic armchair travel on the road. For your car. Closet. Bus. Submarine. Keep it Fresh. 5 auto fragrances. BIG SUR AFTER RAIN coastal eucalyptus groves CONCRETE AFTER LIGHTNING august storms in the city WILD BROOKLYN LAVENDER wild herbs along sidewalks PORTABLE FIREPLACE smoky woods in t…

At an affordable price of $12 each, Brooklyn indie fragrance darling D.S. & Durga explodes the auto-olfactory category with 6 wildly inventive scents, each with a matching Spotify playlist that combines to create a truly multi-sensory experience.

It's an intriguing line up that seems seasonally appropriate, so it's hard to pick just one. But then at $12 each, do you really need to? Big Sur After Rain stands out however. It reminds me of Le Labo's Patchouli 24, which is said to be inspired by petrichor, the smell of rain on dry earth. In addition to car fragrances, each of these scents is available in candle form for $65. Buying scents over the internet is fraught with uncertainty, so you could also approach it as a low-risk way of trialing a scent before committing to the candle—taking it for a test drive, if you will.