Top 6 Men’s Fashion Brands Sales for Summer 2022

Top 6 Men’s Fashion Brands Sales for Summer 2022

Here at Object Matters, there's nothing we love more than getting a good deal on some great men's fashion pieces from our favorite brands. The second best way to do that is to click the links below to grab these items before they are sold out. It's the second best way because most of these brands are offering the standard 20% off for in-season items.

That's great, but you can easily get at least 50% off if you shop in Europe during their sales periods by taking advantage of favorable currency exchange rates and the VAT refund for visitors. It sounds a little crazy, so I'll break it down for you in a moment. But first, here's six summer sales for our favorite men's fashion brands that you can buy right now, without even needing to book airfare.

Six Summer Sales


Pike Suede Zip Through Trucker Jacket from Reiss

UK fashion retailer is offering a number of fantastic pieces at significant discounts. If you're ever in London, definitely take the time to visit their stores, as their normal retail prices are about 10% lower than US prices.


Relaxed Fit Bomber Jacket in Khaki Green from COS

I've been a huge fan of COS—H&M's slightly more upscale, adventurous and quirky sibling—for years. The last few seasons have been a bit of a miss for me, but really liking where they're going this year.

Wax London

Chase Jacket Floral Navy from Wax London

Wax London is a relatively new British brand that's absolutely killing it with their line of Whiting overshirts. The Chase Jacket in the image above is stunning, taking the botanical/hawaiian print theme from shirts to jackets.


Another smaller, newer British brand means that this article is starting to have a theme. Two things about this brand stand out. First, their line of embroidered T-shirts taking the classic Lacoste crocodile t-shirt into strange and whimsical territory. Second, an endorsement from popular British comedian James Acaster. And who can resist 20% off their entire catalog?

Todd Snyder

Block Print Short Sleeve Linen Camp Collar Shirt from Todd Snyder

Get great deals on college-inspired causal menswear from New York label Todd Snyder, including a number of steeply discounted items from the Winter season.

No Nationality

Copenhagen-based menswear label No Nationality is having a huge sale with hundreds of items from their summer and winter season marked down by 40%.

Flying to Europe just to shop for clothes isn't as crazy as it sounds

It sounds a little crazy to fly to Europe just to shop the sales, so let me explain. You not only benefit from a percent of the normal retail price due to the sale, you can also get a 20% VAT refund at the airport when you return home. On top of that, European prices are much lower due to historically low currency exchange rates.

Let's look at an example. This beautiful Cuban collar shirt from Reiss retails for $161 on their US site, tax included. On their French site, the same item goes for $131 (€125). France tightly regulates when retailers can run sales. Typically, the summer sale period is late June to early July, and during these weeks, every retailer is running a sale at the same same time. If you time your vacation right, you could easily find that Cuban collar shirt for 25% off, and then get your 20% VAT refund. This would bring your total cost down to $78.60, which is 52% off the full US retail price.

So yes, it sounds crazy to fly to Europe to shop… until you do the math. Depending on airfare prices where you live, and how much you normally spend on clothes, it's realistic to save enough that it heavily subsidizes the cost of the trip.